BREAKING: CPS Stealthily Moves to Demolish La Casita; Community Resists

Community supporters gather to protest CPS demolition of La CasitaLiterally under cover of darkness, Chicago public school bureaucrats moved on Friday night to begin demolishing Pilsen neighborhood public school Whittier’s fieldhouse, dubbed La Casita by the parents, students and local residents who have been using it as a library and community resource for years. And on Friday night, the community struck back with an emergency protest that stalled the demolition. The encampment to protect La Casita is ongoing:

Text and photo by Christine Geovanis of Chicago IndyMedia

SUPPORTERS NEEDED NOW AT LA CASITA 1900 W. 23rd Street, Chicago to ensure CPS doesn’t move to demolish La Casita. People are camping out overnight. THERE WILL BE A COMMUNITY ASSEMBLY at 8:30am Saturday, August 17th at La Casita. Please be there for an update and to support the parents. If you can, please bring food/water/coffee for those who spent the night keeping watch. Please follow us on Twitter: and on Facebook:

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