Whittier Parent Committee Declaration of Victory (Culmination of the SIT-IN)

We are here today, to announce that on our 43rd day, we are ending the sit-in here at the Whittier School Fieldhouse.

However, the letter delivered  by CPS today and signed by Ron Huberman does not reflect all the agreements and concerns raised by the Whittier Parent Committee.

Some of the points of contention include:

1) The location of the library has NOT been determined or agreed upon by the Whittier Parent Committee.  The parents DID NOT agree to the library being built inside of the Whittier school as the letter from CPS states.

2) We also want to note that the Whittier Parent Committee DID NOT agree to be responsible for all the repairs or other maintenance issues mentioned in the letter.  During this meeting we made it clear that as the leasing agent, it is CPS’s responsibility to ensure that the building is up to fire codes and safe for the children.

3) We want to make it clear that we are ONLY ending the sit-in portion of the struggle. The Whittier Parent Committee remains in control of the fieldhouse and the programming that is currently taking place in the fieldhouse. We ARE NOT abandoning the fieldhouse nor are we ending our fight for the library. The negotiations will continue!

We want to ensure that CPS and our elected officials give us, the community, the student body, and the parents, what we deserve!! The fight continues so that we can ensure that we have a quality education for all children!!